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4 February 2017
…the continuing tragedy of our government and nuclear weapons tests in the Marshall Islands
in the article “Veterans Feel Cost of U.S. Nuclear Tests”

3 February 2017
Today’s KUER Radiowest program is an interview with Sarah Alisabeth Fox,
historian and author of Downwind: A People’s History of the Nuclear West.

Former Secretary of Defense William Perry speaks out against renewing a nuclear arms race.

1 February 2017
An Opinion piece in the Washington Times in favor of resuming nuclear tests –…/america-must-resume-under…/

25 January 2017
Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) Reintroduced by Idaho, New Mexico and Colorado Senators

The original RECA program was proposed in the 1970s yet was not signed into law until October 5, 1990 by President George H W Bush. People eligible for compensation had to have worked as Uranium miners or at nuclear weapons atmospheric test sites (or be survivors of said employees). Eventually Uranium mill workers and ore transporters were also eligible. The paperwork was difficult and had very narrow parameters for acceptable exposure to receive compensation. This was later expanded to include Utah residents exposed to nuclear testing fallout. The proposed law, Senate Bill 197, would expand the geographic area covered for workers and their survivors to be able to obtain compensation for damages from nuclear fallout. Please visit the link for more information.


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